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Content & Creative Director

Fashion Photographer & Videographer

Born and raised in Miami with its Sunny, Modern, and tropical looks, the city's vibrant colors alongside its abundant culture and diversity has certainly played a major role in his artistry and work. From the famously known Miami Beach with its over the top Real Estate homes and yachts, to the infamous calle 8 located in heart of little havana, Frank uses all of these traditions as fuel to propel his creativity. As a proud Gay man of Latino descent, Frank not only represents equality in his work ethic but is committed to exemplifying men and women of all backgrounds  who refuse to conform to social economic norms. Frank has devoted his artistic career to always be inclusive and to represent those who have never been represented. Participating in this industry has taught him to make sure all clients feel comfortable, appreciated and wanted. His professionalism has never gone unnoticed and his work mimics that perfectly. ​

freelance photographer


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